Wood Stove Cleaning in Raleigh

Whether you are looking to have a wood burning stove installed or maintained, then you have come to the right website. Mr. Soot has helped hundreds of people all over The Triangle and surround counties gain all the benefits wood burning stoves have to offer and all completely up to code. The Mr. Soot staff is not only well experienced in the installation and maintenance of wood burning stoves but also holds level 1, 2, and 3 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) safety inspection certifications. Thus, there is no one more qualified to perform proper and safe installation of your wood stove.

Wood Stoves are once again becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Though this is not very surprising as wood stoves have a lot to offer:

  1. Some fireplace owners use their fireplaces to cook. Wood stoves are designed to use the heat of the fire more effectively and the smoke is funneled away and kept to a minimum, unlike fireplaces.
  2. Wood Stoves are far more effective at heating a space than fireplaces and, depending on your setup, can save you a great deal on your utilities by using this alternative heating system. Furthermore, wood burning stoves are far more efficient than they used to be due to industry advancements.
  3. If you are in an area which experiences power outages then wood burning stoves are ideal as they are not connected to the grid and allow you to stay warm and cook your food.
  4. A wood stove is a good investment as it adds value to your home.
Wood Stove Cleaning

Mr. Soot is a retailer of wood stoves so if you want to have an experienced team help you figure out the best stove for your space and budget then please give us a call. We will inspect your property to make sure that the whole system will run perfectly. After installing the stove to meet the current standards and codes of the industry we will inform you on the best way to maintain your system.

If you already have a wood stove but it is not working as it should then the Mr. Soot team will inspect the system, find the problem and fix it.

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