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The charm and warmth of a gas log fireplace adds character to any home in the Raleigh area. It is the perfect centerpiece for a living room or family room you and your loved ones can enjoy. Cozy up on frosty nights with those that are close to you and enjoy the clean and effortless burning that a gas log fireplace can provide you.

Whether you already have an existing fireplace heated with gas logs that need a little TLC, or you want to convert your existing wood-fired fireplace into a gas log model, Mr. Soot Chimney is the perfect choice for stylish and affordable heating solutions that will make your home feel cozy and warm. Call now for a free estimate!

Gas Log Fireplace Services We Offer You

OFrom sales to service to installation, Mr. Soot Chimney is your ultimate one-stop HVAC company, with a full dedicated team and hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the greater area. We specialize in gas log fireplace installations, sales, wood fireplace to gas log fireplace conversion, and repair and maintenance.

Gas Log Fireplace Installation

If you’ve already found the gas log fireplace of your dreams but don’t know the first thing about setting one up, or you want to install a gas log fireplace into a home without an existing fireplace, choose us for professional and efficient gas log fireplace installation.

With our team of experienced technicians, we can quickly add a gas log fireplace to your home’s existing chimney whether it’s bricked up or exposed. You’ll be impressed by our rates and our commitment to customer excellence.

Gas Log Fireplace Sales

By working with some of the top manufactures of quality gas log fireplaces across this nation, we bring incredible savings and unparalleled standards of excellence to homeowners across the greater region.

Call and enquire about our product catalogs and promotional materials. With a huge variety of styles and models to choose from, including marble-finish and ventless gas log models, Mr. Soot Chimney is your top-choice for fireplace sales nearby.

Wood to Gas Log Fireplace Conversion

If your property already has a wood stove or traditional kindling fireplace, and you want to benefit from the increased heat, energy efficiency, and air quality benefits a gas-powered fireplace can bring you, we can use your home’s existing infrastructure to set up a gas line connection, converting your existing fireplace into a gas log fireplace.

This delicate operation requires a skilled team and steady hands. Choose the team with the best experience—choose Mr. Soot Chimney!

Gas Log Fireplace Repair and Fireplace Cleaning

Your gas log fireplace is much more efficient than a wood-burning model, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need a little extra care here and there. To get the best value out of your investment, or to benefit from increased air quality in your home, call us for regular fireplace cleaning and maintenance services.

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