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Maybe you’ve enjoyed the benefits of a gas log fireplace for years or maybe you’ve decided it is finally time to take advantage of this wonderful household feature.

As a leading specialist in chimney, wood stove, and fireplace services, Mr. Soot Chimney is proud to sell and service gas log fireplaces. Our fireplaces offer beauty, warmth, and durability combined with unmatched ease-of-maintenance.

You’ll appreciate our exceptional workmanship and customer service. We’re also proud to offer competitive pricing as well as free estimates for our services.

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Dependable Gas FireplaceInstallation and Maintenance

Few features in the home are as calming and inviting as a fireplace. A fireplace serves as a source of warmth and a gathering space, providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere even when not in use.

There are many advantages to installing a gas fireplace in your home. The first is maintenance simplicity. Gas fireplaces require no cleaning, no building of a fire, and no storage and hauling of wood. All the functions are completely concealed and at your control. A gas fireplace is also highly efficient. Did you know that relative to wood, gas burns cleaner and produces fewer emissions than wood?

Another significant advantage of the gas fireplace is that they do not require chimneys. Not only does this save you space and hassle in your home, it also reduces the heat wasted in your home. In conventional fireplaces, a significant quantity of heated air is lost up the chimney. With a vent and blower built in, heat is allowed to circulate throughout the home. Gas fireplaces are also safer— harmful contaminants or fumes are not released into your home.

Gas is inexpensive and is easily connected and metered out by a local gas company. By connecting to a gas line, there is no need for storage of gas in the home or property.

The Perfect Gas Log Fireplace Installation

Mr. Soot Chimney installs gas log fireplaces in a wide variety of colors and styles. From traditional to contemporary fireplace designs, you can be certain of finding the one that suits your home perfectly.

We’re proud to work alongside some of the most reputable manufacturers of fireplaces in the area. As a result, we can pass on cost-savings for our fireplace sales.

When you’ve selected the perfect gas log fireplace for your home, one of Mr. Soot Chimney’s highly-qualified professionals will proceed with the installation. We’re committed to working safely and diligently within your home, using the most efficient equipment and materials for a dependable fireplace installation.

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Gas Log Fireplace Services and Repairs

Mr. Soot Chimney’s fireplace specialists can provide any maintenance or repairs your gas log fireplace needs. While gas fireplaces offer exceptional ease-of-maintenance, they do require occasional upkeep to remain at their best.

We’ll provide a comprehensive assessment and proceed with the workmanship. In no time, your gas fireplace will be restored to its original working condition.

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