Chimney Sweeping in Raleigh

Keep your fireplace and other heat sources safe at your home or business in Raleigh with professional chimney seeping from the local chimney sweep experts at Mr. Soot Chimney. We take pride in having combined a long standing service with state-of-the-art equipment and old-fashioned customer service that includes every aspect of chimney sweeping and repair as well as a complete chimney from our licensed chimney sweeper.

Why Do I Need a Chimney Sweep Service?

Universally recommended by fire protection agencies everywhere, regular chimney sweeping and repair is an essential part of an overall home and building maintenance plan that helps to prevent fire and provides many other benefits that include:

Dust and Soot Removal - Chimney sweeping takes care of dust and soot that can be hazardous to air quality if left to accumulate indefinitely. A blocked chimney can produce with an improperly functioning flue can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide that even at minimal levels can cause a range of health problems including , dizziness and nausea and persistent headaches.

A Reduction in Fire Hazards & Energy Costs Savings - Professional chimney sweeping doesn’t only prevent fires, but helps your fireplaces perform more effectively which helps to save on energy costs


Improved Fireplace Performance - Wood burns more efficiently with regular chimney maintenance by helping to increase the air flow and minimize and eliminate soot and soot odor.

Bird & Wildlife Removal - In addition, birds and other wildlife often build nests in flues and require professional and humane removal to ensure that a chimney remains free from decay and disease.

Protection of the Structural Integrity of Your Home - Regular chimney sweeping preserves the structural integrity of your chimney and entire property. Mr. Soot Chimney technicians thoroughly inspect each chimney when cleaning and provide tips for long lasting performance and optimal wood burning.

How Often Should a Chimney be Cleaned?

Mr. Soot Chimney recommends annual sweeping for every wood burning flue by a professional. Our experienced local chimney sweeps in Raleigh are equipped to clean oil chimneys, furnace and boilers. Endorsed by both fire departments and insurance companies, Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeping services are in compliance with the highest of safety standards and regulations in the Raleigh region.

What Can I Expect During a Visit From a Chimney Sweep Near Me?

Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeps begin the process with an industrial high-powered vacuum that clean chimneys thoroughly. Our experienced technicians are careful to lay down drop cloths at the hearth to ensure your home in Raleigh remains dust- and contaminant-free during the cleaning. Once vacuuming is completed, the flue is scrubbed clean using specialty rod and brushes carried out from either the bottom or the roof or both, depending on the characteristics of your home. In addition to a visual inspection, our industry certified chimney sweepers may use advanced specially equipped cameras that are carefully inserted into the chimney remotely to carefully inspect the crown, cap, flashing and mortar points to detect any hidden problems that require further cleaning and repair.

As proud providers of reliable chimney sweep services in the Raleigh region for many years, Mr. Soot Chimney offers free chimney sweeping estimates and is available to answer any questions you may have.