Chimney Repair in Raleigh

Launched in 1983, Mr. Soot Chimney Sweep has been offering chimney repairs and any other chimney related services to our Raleigh clients for more than 34 years. With the majority of our clients being return customers, it’s easy to tell that our personal and detail-oriented approach truly sets us apart from the rest.

During any cleaning or repair service, we can promise punctuality, cleanliness, and professionalism. Our full-service inspections will ensure that we catch any and all problems, and when we move on to repairs, we don’t skip any steps. Not only will your chimney be repaired to the highest standards, we’ll make sure that the same problems don’t happen again for a good long time.

If you need chimney repairs in Raleigh you’ve come to the right place. Give Mr. Soot Chimney Sweep a call today!

All Repairs Covered

Chimneys may look straightforward, but there are multiple parts to their anatomy, all that need to be working properly in order for your fireplace to function safely within your home. Not all chimney problems are immediately evident, especially since it’s not necessary to use your fireplace all year around in Raleigh.

While blockages are obvious to the untrained eye, brickwork problems, flue cracks, creosote, and especially cap, liner, and crown problems require a second look.

Chimney caps

Chimney caps can get clogged by flammable deposits that build up as you use your fireplace. If left alone, you will be dealing with smoke and fire blowing back into your home when you light up your fireplace!

Chimney crown repair

Your chimney’s crown is especially susceptible to freeze-thaw damage. While this damage may be something that can go unnoticed for years, it will build up over time and require fixing. With regular inspections you can save yourself more expensive chimney crown repairs by catching damage early.

Tuck pointing

Your chimney has a pretty long lifespan, especially when maintained properly. However, the mortar keeping chimney bricks together has a shorter lifespan of roughly 25 years. The connecting points between two bricks, or the mortar joints, will require repair first in the form of tuck pointing.

Fireplace Inspections

Annual fireplace inspections are crucial to having a safe and functional chimney and fireplace. The Mr. Soot Chimney Sweep team sticks to an all-inclusive list during inspection to ensure we don’t miss a single spot.

We’ll look at every part of the exterior and interior of your chimney and fireplace and sign off our approval when we’re finished. Then all you need to do is enjoy your fireplace through the colder seasons.

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter

When Raleigh is sitting at 29°F and you’re looking forward to lighting your fireplace, the last thing you want is to get a blowback of soot and fire. Regular chimney inspections, maintenance, and repairs are necessary if you are the owner of a fireplace.

With chimney repair costs ranging on average from $175 to $3,000 you’re going to want to invest in a company that can do a quality job at an affordable price—and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Mr. Soot Chimney Sweep. Give us a call today and start looking forward to a safe, warm winter.