Chimney Inspection, Repair and Maintenance in Raleigh

Mr. Soot Chimney Sweeps is here to help you with all your chimney and wood burning technology installation and maintenance needs. We provide our customers with: inspections, cleaning, rebuilding, repairs as well as liner and cap installation.

Chimneys, and wood burning appliances, which are not regularly cleaned, become caked with creosote which can quickly turn into a danger to you and your property. If left unchecked the creosote may ignite, leading to a chimney fire which can lead to expensive repairs and, in the worst case, the destruction of your home.

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Custom Chimney Caps

Wild life entering your chimney and large sparks exiting your chimney are inconveniences and hazards (respectively) which can be prevented. By having Mr. Soot install the appropriate cap on your chimney you protect your investment and yourself. Caps also defend your chimney against moisture seeping in which, over time, will lead to repairs which could have been avoided.

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Chimney Cleaning

The importance of Regular Inspections

Chimneys must be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay in proper working condition. Without proper maintenance, you may not discover minor damage such as flue cracks. If not repaired, minor damage will progress and become a major expense to repair later on. Homeowner’s insurance often excludes damage from lack of routine maintenance and normal wear and tear. Since many types of chimney damage occur with the normal passage of time, or because you didn’t maintain the chimney properly, many chimney claims are denied.

Mr. Soot holds level 1, 2 and 3 certification for home inspections from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This means that Mr. Soot is qualified for any form of inspection a homeowner may need for fire technology safety and ensure that everything is up to code.

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