Chimney Services in Durham

Mr. Soot Chimney is Durham's local chimney specialist since 1994. Our licensed and insured company performs a full suite of chimney and fireplace sales, installations, repairs, and cleaning.

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Local Chimney and Fireplace Services

Our seasoned, friendly staff has helped property owners throughout Durham maintain a well-functioning, safe chimney since 1994. Our collective experience goes even further beyond that—our expertise in fire safety began in 1980.

With a far-reaching history of success, our business is continually focused on making chimney safety more affordable and more convenient for the average homeowner. Our extensive service list is designed to do just that. We offer every chimney-related service you can imagine (we can even help with wood stoves), from sales to installation to cleaning.

To deliver the best results, our company has invested in high-end inspection and repair equipment. Chimneys and fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, but with our hardwearing, advanced digital imaging technology and state-of-the-art masonry tools, there's not one of them that we can't service with ease.

For further details about our credentials, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Professional Chimney Inspections

Not sure where to begin? Start with a professional chimney inspection from our certified sweeps. We regularly perform Level 1, 2, and 3 chimney inspections, as defined by the National Fire Protection Agency. If you own a home with a chimney or fireplace, an inspection is the perfect way to get a top-to-bottom run-down of its overall condition for your knowledge and safety.

A Level 1 is the most basic inspection in the industry, and is usually suitable for private-use, residential chimneys. During this inspection, our technicians will evaluate all interior and exterior components of your chimney, checking for:

  • Cracks in brickwork
  • Deteriorating concrete
  • Smoke damage
  • Moss and mold build-up
  • Leaks

A Level 2 inspection goes one step beyond the minimum requirements in Level 1. Usually, Level 2 inspections are appropriate when:

  • You're buying a new home.
  • Your chimney's condition and history are unknown.
  • Your chimney has suffered storm damage.
  • You're making changes in the flue or fuel type of your chimney.

Level 3 inspections are in-depth evaluations mandatory in extreme circumstances that pose major fire and safety hazards. No matter which level of inspection you think you need, we can help you select the right one. Plus, before you book the appointment, we'll give you a thorough cost breakdown of the inspection's cost for your budgeting convenience.

Understanding the Importance of Chimney Services

Whether you use your fireplace every day or you barely use it at all, conducting a chimney inspection at least once a year is crucial to the ongoing safety of your property.

Many homeowners fail to realize that over time, the gases, and particles that build up in your chimney become a residue called creosote, which is highly flammable and can easily cause a chimney fire. Clearing out creosote regularly is the best way to protect your property, and our experts are happy to help.

Another reason to have your chimney inspected is saving money – while a small crack in the flue or disintegrating brick may seem like no big deal, these problems will only worsen and become more costly to deal with the longer they aren’t addressed. By having them assessed quickly, you’ll save yourself time, hassle, and money in the long run.

Experienced Chimney Experts at Your Service

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your chimney, you don’t want to settle for any old repair team. You want to invest in services offered by experts who specialize in chimney servicing – and that’s precisely what we do.

Our team has worked in homes old and new, big and small, and work hard every day to provide our clients with the superior assistance they deserve. Whether it’s your first time hiring a chimney expert or it’s time to find someone better suited to your needs, our team is confident we are the right choice.

Not only are our services among the best in the industry, but we care about your client experience. Our personnel are friendly, accommodating, and always more than happy to answer your questions and address concerns. To learn more, please contact us by phone or email.

Find Great Rates on Chimney Servicing

While maintaining and repairing your chimney is a necessary investment in the long-term safety of your home, you don’t want it to break the bank. Our team is pleased to offer our clients excellent rates on services they can trust.

The total cost of your chimney service will depend on the size of your chimney, its condition, and the time it takes to complete the repair or inspection. If you’d like to receive a cost estimate, we invite you to reach us by phone or email at your earliest convenience.

Have your Chimney Repaired Before you Sell

If you plan to put your home on the market, having your chimney inspected and repaired is probably a good idea. In this day and age, buyers are looking for a move-in ready home, and if realtors notice chimney damage, they are much less likely to show your home. Even if the damage is not visible, an inspection will be required before you make a deal, so if it’s been a while since your last inspection, why not go ahead and make an appointment?

Having a freshly repaired chimney could also add market value to your home – it’s a win-win.

Comprehensive Chimney Maintenance

Serving Durham region for many years, certified Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeps strive to offer the highest quality chimney repair and maintenance services geared to keeping your chimney functioning as efficiently as possible and preserving the safety of your home or business. Whether you are dealing with a chimney leak, require wildlife removal from your chimney, or wish to schedule a routine chimney sweep, contact our chimney professionals who provide a full range of services.

Read a brief description of a few of our most sought-after chimney services below:

Chimney Leak Repair – With constant exposure to the element, your chimney will eventually suffer from masonry damage and leaks that allow for water penetration which can cause irreversible harm including damage to mortar and corrosion. Experienced Mr. Soot Chimney technicians are fully equipped to skillfully repair chimney leaks and apply heavy duty water repellants that ensure long lasting performance as well as peace of mind.

Chimney Masonry – Consult with Mr. Soot Chimney for a chimney that provides curb appeal in addition to structural integrity. We adhere to strict building codes in Durham and use only top quality products and are equipped to carry out any type of chimney masonry repair ranging from fixing cracks to complete chimney restoration.

Chimney Caps and Damper Repair - One of the best investments to ensure long lasting performance of a chimney is a well installed and high quality chimney cap and damper. Ensure that warmth stays in and harmful toxins stay out with the latest chimney caps that also act as fire retardants and works in tandem with the damper to keep your chimney safe and running efficiently. Trained Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeps evaluate your existing components and provide skilled repair or will help you determine which model of chimney cap or damper is best suited to your property in Durham.

Chimney Flue Repair – Flue liners made of clay are subject to cracks and deterioration over time. Repair of flue tiles located inside the chimney must be performed by a qualified professional only. Mr. Soot Chimney technicians are skilled and experienced with flue lining repairs that protect your property from fire and other hazards.

Fireplace Repair – A professional evaluation of your fireplace each year is in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and good property maintenance. Our Durham chimney professionals inspect all glass assembly, clean the burner top, inspect fireplace plugs and gasket seals, asses the condition of the igniter and clean your entire fireplace unit to remove all dust and debris.

Chimney Inspections - Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeps provide licensed chimney inspections that include a visual evaluation of the chimney and fireplace to check for any chimney blockages and creosote buildup as well as cracks in the flue pipe, mortar damage and an assessment of all chimney components.

Chimney Cleaning – Our standard chimney sweeping and cleaning effectively removes hardened soot and creosote accumulated in the chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox using high powered vacuums and specialty rod and hand brushes. Our incensed and insured Mr. Soot Chimney chimney sweeps also check for interior damage to your chimney using an advanced technology video camera and provide detailed repair estimates.

Contact helpful Mr. Soot Chimney staff for information on these or any other chimney services that include chimney relining, pipe and liner repair, chimney waterproofing, wildlife removal and more.

Your Local Fireplace Technician

Mr. Soot Chimney is your reliable source for cost-effective fireplace services alongside five-star client care. Our team is comprised of honest, highly skilled technicians who will make your chimney woes a thing of the past. We perform Level 1, 2, and 3 inspections, compliant repairs, diligent cleaning services, and so much more.

If you need professional assistance getting your chimney back up and running safely, give us a call now.